How to create a party
your child will remember forever

Believe it or not, your child is almost another year old.
How will you celebrate the special day this year?

Make it exciting!
Have a party your child will never forget!

After the Laughter will provide a fun, interactive program for your birthday child.
This year, we are presenting:

“My Magical Birthday”

It is the ideal blend of comedy, magic, and storytelling
that gets all the children (and adults) screaming for more!

Every show is individually personalized!
The birthday child is the true “STAR of the Show!"

The magic words are Happy Birthday [his/her name]
and the magic happens right in their hands.

The Grand Finale
-=  extra special  =-
Your child waves the magic wand over the magic box
and makes my live rabbit, Honey Bunny, appear!!!

Everyone just goes crazy!!!

The entire show includes:

  • Hilarious Audience Participation – Everyone is a part of the show! The magic happens right in the children’s hands.

  • Amazing Magical Feats – Truly awesome magic has everyone wondering “how”?

  • Prizes – Everyone gets a prize! Everyone is a winner!

  • Individually Tailored – Remember, not only are the magic words, “Happy Birthday [name]”, but his/her head shrinks! It is really just an optical illusion! The kids think it’s a riot!

  • The Big Finale!!! – Your child waves the magic wand (his/her own given to them by the magician) at the magic box and presto – Honey Bunny, the live rabbit, appears!!!
    The ooohs & aaahs are almost deafening. They are so amazed and excited!!!
But wait…
There’s more…

Included in this package ... I will make a very special balloon animal for each child. I can make anything from an anteater to a watch. In addition, I make the birthday child a very special balloon figure; “Little Mermaid” or “Pink Panther”.

As an added bonus ... Your child is presented with his or her very own After the Laughter Magic Book & Set! This is a kit that is designed and is specially made with kids in mind. Your child will be able to perform amazing feats of magic minutes after opening the box!

Just imagine how thrilled your child will be when the magician gives him/her a magic set as a gift from you! This kit retails for $10.00 and is free to the birthday child as part of the package!

As a special added bonus...Every child will receive Free a Magical Fun Jumbo Dollar Bill that has four magic tricks that they can do when they go home!

“Wow!!! Now that’s a great party!”

Yes it is! Magic, prizes, music and comedy with audience participation!
A personalized magic show for your child and his/her friends and family
all for an investment of ONLY $200.00. (If booked by January 1st 2013!)

This includes balloons, a magic wand and the magic kit, that’s a $40.00 value, yours free!

Call today to reserve your date. I am lucky enough to perform over twenty shows a month and my calendar fills up quickly, especially weekends. Please take advantage of this advance notice and book now!

Other packages available

Economy Magic Show!

Some parents have bounce houses, horses, swim parties, etc and may not need anything but my basic magic show. It’s the same show as above without the balloons, rabbit, magic kit or wand.

Deluxe Magic Show!!

This is my Economy magic show with a balloon package.

Balloon Birthday Party!!!

Children love balloons and especially love balloon animals made just for them! I offer balloon animals, hats, bracelets and toys for kids of all ages!

These creations are professional quality, not just a little doggy, but big and colorful masterpieces!!! Every child receives at least one balloon design and I even teach them how to make their own (depending on age).

The “Balloon Birthday Party” package is booked by the hour and runs $150.00 hourly, depending on the number of children. It includes various balloon designs for each child, a very special balloon for the birthday child and instructions on making their very own. I even supply extra balloons to take home and a booklet on how-to! (Parents love to try their hand at this too!)

Face Painting Birthday Party!!!

I have accomplished face painters who can do “tattoos” on the face, hand or arm as well as full face figures. The “Face Painting Birthday Party" is booked by the hour and runs $100.00 hourly, depending on the number of children. It includes various designs for each child, a very special design for the birthday child.


“The Best Birthday Party EVER”

Many parents like to combine both packages and receive the “Best Birthday Party Ever” package. Typically the face painter comes in and starts the face painting. After about 10 to 15 minutes I do the magic show, the children pet the rabbit and I lead them into the birthday cake area where we sing “Happy Birthday”.

Directly after that I start with the balloons and the children that haven’t gotten their faces painted yet go and do that. Everyone leaves with a beautiful face and balloon creation. Having the balloons towards the end of the party cuts down on breakage and there are more happy children and parents!

The total investment for the “Best Birthday Party Ever” package is only $240.00. That is a savings of $55.00!!! Not to mention the free magic wand, magic set & Honey Bunny the rabbit! Wow!

Magic Class Birthday Party!!!

Children love magic and especially love learning magic! I first perform the trick then ask them how they think I did the trick. I then go into a full detailed explanation of the trick. The class runs 45 minutes to an hour and I provide all the props needed to perform the magic (cards, rope, crayons, etc.) and they go home with all the tricks in a bag that I provide! This is great for kids ages 8 and up. The Magic Class Birthday Party package is only $200.00 and can be combined with other packages.

Be sure to download your free Birthday Party Planner book to see even more things to make your party a hit with your guests.